So, it's all over now. This site will remain frozen in its current state as a lasting testament to my inept faith in uniform national swing as an effective predictor of election results an easy way to get this site up-and-running fairly quickly.

See you at the next election!

How's it going to end?

Recent opinion polls

Time series of recent polls Summary of recent polls

(Data thanks to Anthony Wells, from his Polling Report UK site.)

Predicted Result

Conservative 173 seats
Labour 380 seats
Liberal Democrat 62 seats
Others (Great Britain) 13 seats
Others (Northern Ireland) 18 seats

Current opinion polls predict a Labour majority of 114 seats.

(Data thanks to Martin Baxter, from his Electoral Calculus site.)


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And my contribution, which isn't a "how to vote" site per se, but an opinion survey which shows you how your views compare with those of the rest of the British population — and supporters of different political parties:

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